About Us

ACEx is not just a new exchange for digital assets – it is a new model for digital asset exchanges. It incorporates registered brokers and advisors – all of whom are members and have a stake in the exchange and share a mission to provide clients with the best marketplace for coins, tokens and other digital assets. One that meets regulatory standards but equally important, meets client expectations. ACEx believes it will expand participation in digital assets because many prospective buyers have been hesitant to enter the market by dealing with unknown and unregulated exchanges.

ACEx members are all entities regulated by FINRA, the SEC or both. ACEx is registering as an alternative trading system (ATS) and believes its structure will expedite the registration process. Until it is registered as an ATS, ACEx will trade cryptocurrencies that are not classified as a security. Trading will take place on a proprietary system that is built for high-speed and high security. Customers can only trade on ACEx if they have an account with an ACE member firm. Every member will be able to offer their customers an encrypted mobile trading App with two-factor authentication and other security features.

ACEx intends to execute its first transaction by January 2019. At the time we commence trading we intend to have over 100 ACE members firms who collectively have over 2 million customer accounts and over $50 billion of client assets. Many firms are already in the process of joining. If you’re a registered broker or advisor – we invite you to complete the form on this site and start the process to join.

ACEx is to be owned and governed by all its members and its sponsor, EF Hutton, will be one of those members. All members have a voice in governance and members vote for the managing board. More details on governance will be posted soon.

ACEx is located in Arizona. A forward-looking state that has revised legislation and regulations to be receptive to ACEx and other blockchain-based enterprises. The state has provided millions of dollars to support ACE and to foster its membership and we are grateful that the governor and the full Arizona government shares our vision. We are proud to be the first digital asset exchange to gain government support from its inception.

We Welcome Your Feedback

We welcome the support and suggestions from all who have an interest in an efficient and transparent marketplace. Prospective members, prospective customers (maybe you’ll be the one lucky customer who will do the first trade), peer to peer technology specialists, traders and other financial professionals, government officials, prospective employees and those who just want to lend a hand to achieve something historic and beneficial for all. Send us a message. We read them all – though we may not be able to respond to them all.

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